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The perfect kitchen design all comes down to your style and the way you use the kitchen.

Creating The Perfect Kitchen Design

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Creating the perfect kitchen design sounds a little impossible, doesn’t it? However, when you’re building a custom home, you can design the kitchen of your dreams. You can add the little details you’ve always dreamed of and incorporate your own personal flair to the room. Before you get started, though, here are a few design options you should consider:

Think about a different layout than the traditional triangle kitchen layout.

Kitchen’s are traditionally laid out in a triangle pattern. The sink, refrigerator, and stove are supposed to make up the three points of the triangle. The idea behind this layout is that having these three things in a triangle pattern makes the kitchen more accessible. However, this layout may not be the perfect kitchen design for your home. One layout you might consider involves bundling certain areas together. For example, you’ll want a prep space in your kitchen, but this shouldn’t just be a counter. The prep space should be a counter, the stove, and the sink. Having these areas close together will allow you to prepare your meals quickly and easily.

Can lights in the kitchen are being replaced with alternative lighting options.

Can lights have been the standard the last several years when it comes to kitchen lighting. However, that style of light may not be the perfect lighting for your kitchen design. Working with your custom home builder, you can decide what lighting will work best in your kitchen. Here are few options to think about:

    • Natural light:No matter your kitchen design, you’re going to want as much natural light as possible. Think big windows, a French door, or even skylights. Natural lighting makes the room more enjoyable, open, and functional.
    • Task lighting:

Have you ever seen under cabinet or under counter lights in a kitchen? These types of lights are called task lights. Basically, they make getting kitchen tasks like dicing a pepper easier because they light up the areas that are usually the darkest (under cabinets)

Cabinets with a little bit of color can make a huge splash.

Wood tones make a kitchen feel warm, but that’s not the perfect kitchen design for every home. Instead of wood stained cabinets, opt for painted cabinets that can bring deep, rich, and vibrant feel to the kitchen. The color you choose should flow with the rest of the kitchen and home, but you should also consider dark colors like gray and navy blue. The darker colors will hide imperfections and residue left from sticky fingers better than wood and light colors like white.

Trends come and go, so choose designs you like.

The perfect kitchen design for your custom home will look great and in a year from now, it’ll still look great. Why? Because it’s designed the way you want it to be designed. It can be a little difficult, but ignoring kitchen design trends will result in a kitchen you’re happy with for a long time to come.

Are you ready to have the perfect kitchen design? The builders at Hamilton Homes would love to talk to you about your ideas and inspiration. Let’s talk!

A custom home builder will help you design a unique floor plan.

Difference Between a Production Home Builder and a Custom Home Builder

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You’ve thought about it for a while and you’re ready to build a new home. The only problem is, you aren’t sure what kind of home or even where you want to build. After doing some research, you’ve probably already determined that you have a few options. You could build in a neighborhood or you could build on more secluded land. You could hire a custom home builder or you could work with a production home builder, but what’s the difference?

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Custom home floor plans to retire in should be open to allow you to easily move around.

Custom Home Floor Plans to Retire In

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With retirement approaching, you might be thinking about building a custom home that you can age in. Maybe you’re looking to downsize from your current home in order to save time and money on maintenance, or possibly even upsizing to prepare for an elderly loved one to come live with you. Whatever the reason you’ll still want to choose from custom home floor plans you love and build a home that’s just for you. The good news is you have plenty of custom home floor plans to choose from and your custom home should be a fresh start to cover all current and future needs. There are any number of reasons why you may be considering a custom home at this stage in your life and we’re here to help you with some suggestions before you get started.

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Check out these tips for using home design sites like HOUZZ.

How to Use Home Design Sites

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Are you on the hunt for some incredible home designs you can incorporate into your dream home? The best place to start is with home design sites. These sites offer incredible images and tips for styling your home. However, before you just jump into using these sites, our custom home builders have a few tips for using them:

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When it comes to a custom home, you want one that will stand up to storms.

How to Make Your Custom Home Storm Ready

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No matter where you build your custom home, you’re likely to face storms of some sort. In the midwest, we often have to deal with high winds, tornados, and hail. These elements can wreak havoc on your home, which can lead to costly repair work. One of the best ways to avoid this and keep your life running smoothly is by making sure your custom home is storm ready.

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Check out these great ways to make a custom home efficient.

Making a Custom Home Efficient

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Thinking about building a custom home, but wondering how to make it efficient? Making a custom home efficient is actually a lot simpler than you might think. Updating your current home to “green” standards or even improving the efficiency of the home can be quite costly. However, a few modifications to your custom home plans can make a custom home efficient without changing much.

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Indianapolis custom home builders can help you design the perfect front porch.

Indianapolis Custom Home Builders: The Perfect Front Porch Design

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Who doesn’t enjoy sitting on the front porch during a warm summer day or watching the rain fall during a spring shower? Your front porch sets the tone for the rest of your home. You want it to match the exterior while also giving a preview of the way your interior looks. Indianapolis custom home builders can design the porch of your dreams and help you maintain the curb appeal of your home.

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