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5 Custom Home Design Trends To Watch In 2018

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When it comes to custom home design trends, it’s easy to get lost in all of the images, tips, and opinions floating around on the Internet. Finding the right trends to make your home the envy of the neighborhood can be difficult. You want something that looks incredible, but you don’t want it to go out of style in a year. Instead, you need to choose trends that are timeless and won’t require you to remodel in a year and a half.

To help you out, the Indianapolis custom home builders at Hamilton Homes have compiled a list of 5 design trends to be on the lookout for in 2018:

1. Light, coastal hardwoods creating a more calming sense.

Traditionally reserved for homes lining beaches up and down the coasts and along lakefronts, homeowners everywhere will be turning to light, coastal hardwoods to create an inviting, relaxing mood throughout their home. In addition to the light wood tones becoming more prevalent throughout new homes, look for floor planks to become wider, as they give a more luxurious look than the slimmer version.

2. More color in the kitchen to increase dimension and aesthetics.

While whites and grays will continue to be mainstays in custom home design trends, homeowners are opting for more color in the kitchen. Blue is already shaping up to be the most popular accent color for kitchens in 2018 because of the calming effect it has, but look for greens, yellows, and red to start popping up in kitchens. Greens are great for making a kitchen feel more organic and natural, yellows are perfect for brightening the space up and making it feel happier, while reds are all about the drama. Working with a new home builder in Indianapolis, you can find the perfect color to add to your cabinets and give your kitchen a real pop.

3. Modern barn doors replacing the more rustic look.

Sliding barn doors have been all the rage in custom home design for a few years now, but homeowners are looking for something new to bring their personalities out in their home design. Meet the modern barn door: the same sliding door but with a new face. These doors are made with glass, mirrors, and metal rather than the traditional wood look. By adding in a new element, these doors are more modern and stylish.

4. Vintage lighting will make a splash in every room.

Lighting is always a hot topic in custom home design, but in 2018, lighting is going vintage. Look for pendant lights to show up in more places than just the kitchen. Beyond that, you’ll see materials like brass, copper, and even rusted metal being used. These materials provide a rustic look and give a contemporary home the contrast it needs to be interesting and be on point with newer custom home design trends.

5. Intricate tile designs to mimic wallpaper while delivering better protection.

When it comes to wall treatments, nothing is as diverse as wallpaper, but at the end of the day, wallpaper doesn’t hold a candle to the durability of tile. For this reason, homeowners are turning to tile to create intricate patterns previously only achieved with wallpaper. This custom home design trends will start out as kitchen backsplash, but move its way to bathroom walls, mudroom floors, and anywhere else you find tile.

Which 2018 custom home design trends are you most excited about? Which ones do you want to incorporate into your home? The custom home builders at Hamilton Homes would love to hear about your favorite trends and the other ideas you have for your dream home. Contact us today and we’ll set up a free design consultation meeting.

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