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Rick Hamilton founded Hamilton Homes in 1987 as an outlet for his need to construct homes that stood out as innovative and unique. His philosophy has always been to build homes and to manage his business with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and professionalism. Rick got his start in the industry in 1971 through renovating and remodeling homes. From that point on, construction became a passion. Bringing a great, old home back to life is truly special in Rick’s eyes. He has the ability to see the big picture, looking outside the box to create a home that looks and feels perfect.

Bringing a diverse background in management, marketing and construction to the table, Rick is able to give Hamilton Homes the edge it needs to make the building experience wonderful while also ensuring our clients receive exceptional value and service.

Custom interior design by Indianapolis custom home builders from Rick Hamilton Homes

Wondering How To Choose A Custom Home Builder?

The decision usually comes down to a few attributes:

Experience, past performance, unique building processes, personality of the builder, and pricing.

Hopefully, you will find that these are exactly the attributes at which Hamilton Custom Homes excels.  Below, you’ll find some unique characteristics of our offering.  When you are ready, we’d love to have an initial conversation to see if we are a fit for you and your family.

Let us make your custom dream home a reality. With Hamilton:


1.  Our fixed fee pricing model is the most unique and fair model in the Indianapolis area

Check out the box to the right for a detailed description about how your money buys more with Hamilton Homes.

2. Your custom home will be the home of your dreams.

Wondering how to choose a custom home builder? You will want a builder that understands your vision. That’s why Hamilton Homes takes the time to brainstorm long before we break ground. We listen. We take the time to understand what you need and want for your custom home.  We can take all of your dreams, ideas, and brainstorms, and we will make them all a reality.  Hamilton Homes invests significant time in helping you make selections, drawing up your plans, and showing you sites with no preliminary fees charged.  We only get paid once you select us as your custom home builder.  This gives you a chance to work with us before spending a dime and helps us to best understand your needs and what you value.  We believe this helps ensure everyone is on the same page when the construction process starts.

3. You will be connected with countless industry experts.

When you are thinking about how to choose a custom home builder, remember that a good builder can help you make great connections. We work alongside some of the best contractors in Central Indiana, so you can find the right look for the right price. Even long after your home is built, you can relax knowing you have contractors who will be there for you if the need arises.

We won’t use subcontractors based on price.  Most builders win a bid for a new custom home and then find the lowest cost suppliers to perform the contracted work.  Over 30 years of working with suppliers allow us to pick the best available suppliers and you have complete transparency of how much they are paid.

Additionally, You will work with a professional interior designer for up to 40 hours at our expense.

4. Building a custom home is easy.

Just because it is your dream home doesn’t mean it has to keep you up at night. You do the dreaming, we will take it from there. We invite you to engage in the process of building your custom home as much – or as little – as you would like. If you want to be involved, be involved. If you want to sit back and watch it all come together, you can do that too. We will sit down with you and take the time to understand how involved you would like to be.

Ready to learn more about how to choose a custom home builder?

You’ll want a custom home builder that can give you the home you’ve been waiting for. If you’d like to sit down and talk with Hamilton Homes, we are happy to answer your questions and serve as a resource in this process.

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Hamilton Homes is a premium custom home builder in Indianapolis.

Hamilton Homes Pricing Is Much Different:

We had a choice when starting Hamilton Homes: be like everyone else or revolutionize the way custom homes were built and priced.  We chose to revolutionize.  A great example is our pricing model.  We invite you to compare it to others you may be considering.

Before the Building Process:

Hamilton Homes provides all preliminary  work of selections and plans at no cost.  You select whatever options you want and all estimates from suppliers are directly shared with the you with no markup – you literally receive the estimates of all selections as if you were buying them directly.  You’ll use our relationships and years of negotiating pricing to your advantage as you get discounted wholesale pricing on virtually every selection.

You are free to choose whatever materials you want and we will provide guidance along the way.  Before applying for a loan, we will prepare a cost sheet that accurately reflects the true cost of building the home.  We do not markup any materials and instead charge a fixed management fee that is the same regardless of the options you select.

We also provide 40 hours of work from a professional interior designer at no additional cost that you will use to help you make the best selections.  We have relationships with several interior design firms that you may interview to find the perfect match.

During the Home Building Process:

Once we help you with the construction loan process, we set up a construction checking account that you have full access to at all times.  You see each transaction and where it was spent.  Your construction loan does not go into our account.  This is a unique feature of Hamilton Homes.  At the end of every month, you will be presented with a copy of all invoices.  You’ll know exactly when things are over / under budget.  There will be no surprises.

If you change your mind on an option during the building process (this is common), there are no change order fees.  You simply pay the difference in cost or, if the cost of the new selection is lower, you can apply it other upgrades or simply reduce the final price of the home.  With other builders, a change order fee occurs and if the cost of the new selection is lower, the money is not generally returned.

An Example:

Let’s say we budget $38000 for a basement and the true cost ends up being $33000, this $5000 difference is now an opportunity to spend on other upgrades or can be used to reduce the final cost of the home.

After the Custom Home Building Process:

Our team of experts will help you with the same pricing structured to add-on, remodel, and enhance your home throughout the years.

Let Hamilton Homes help you through the process. Get our FREE e-book.

If you are looking for the dos and don’ts of building a custom home, Hamilton Homes is happy to help. We have just published a free e-book that is a gold mine of information. Learn about how to choose a custom home builder, choosing a location, securing financing and breaking ground. This e-book also provides tips and tricks for getting your home to be exactly what you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Ultimately, we want our clients to understand that building a custom home is a process. It is important to get as much information as possible before you start building so you can make educated decisions in the process.

Ready to get a good overview of building a custom home?

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What They’re Saying About Hamilton Homes:

Hamilton Homes is simply the best ! During the past twenty years we have enjoyed working with Rick, Carolyn & Trent on four separate homes ! Two were new and two were remodeling projects. Great quality, Communication and follow-up. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Dick & Mary Beth Oakes

After living in one of Rick Hamilton's for the last 11 years I knew that if I ever built or remodeled a home, he was definitely the go to company for my next step in a home. The proven quality of my home was evidence enough. Hamilton Homes attention to detail, creativity, and always with the latest technology available. The past history with his company was all my wife and I needed to award the company the responsibility to doing a $700,000 + remodel to my new home. The management style always kept us informed on the status of the project as well as a detailed reporting of the costs. The integrity of the company is of the highest level. The sub contractors
are the top craftsman in the business carefully selected over the years of being in the business.

Adrian and Pat Brown

Get ideas for your custom home.

When thinking about how to choose a custom home builder, you will want a builder who can give your home the look you like. We like to spend quite a bit of time with our clients when it comes to sitting down and creating the floor plans for their custom home. You’ll find it helpful to bring ideas to Hamilton Homes so that you can show us what looks you like .  Take some time to look through our portfolio so you can see our work for yourself.

See Custom Home Designs

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